Reminiscence will always linger.
Or maybe, I just don’t want to forget.


last chance of the year

The last month of the year has said “Hello!”.

And I feel some restlessness because it is the last chance of the year.

Just a few more sleeps at night and we’re going to pack our things again and move on.

Before everything ends this year, I’ll make it a point to do some more things that I can.

There are still 30 days left.

All before we pack our things again.

Knowing that everything will end can be the most comforting fact to know

There are things that we all wish to end. Those things that are difficult, burdensome, weakening, incomprehensible, painful, evil…

In the middle of such days, nothing else comes to mind other than “when will this END?”
No comfort is enough; no word can touch.
Looking at the future only strengthens the pain.

It will end.
That’s all I know.
Sometimes, that’s ALL we need to know.