Twinkling thoughts to read:

If you have sacrificed a lot

knowing that everything will end can be the most comforting fact to know

Everything was the same except the feeling

As long as there is something you’d die to do, you’ll be alive

There are many strong people…and they are also weak

The problem with numbers. And the sweet thing about them.

My many thoughts about the UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2013

The dreams that stayed with me

All their intentions

I’m still waiting for…

Everything for what’s ahead: One Last War

She didn’t need to be pretty to be loved

That tiny world where I am queen

When you swept life with who you are

last chance of the year

A Christmas tree that I miss

If fireworks were written messages

A Better Pretty

Frustration is when…

I don’t have the courage to give up

Everybody wants to move forward…and there’s no stopping us!

In the same chair but not forever

Even without lights, the writer writes. And the whole world does the same

Four years from now: This threat!

If you always think that people will help, you’ll only grow bitter

Your choice for us to still be apart

Excited with no reason

I do not know “LATE”

The Endless Pursuit to Move On

You are Never the Victim

When Reality Blew Up Its Proportions

If you think you are strong

Because There Must be Hot Chocolate in My Mug Again

Why I love responsibilities

How does one measure a father?


This is how I want you to read

Dear world, I want you to shut up. WE ALL WANT YOU TO SHUT UP!

Planet Hallways All the Way and I being the main character who is asking God for a straight answer.

Not a new beginning but a new yesterday

There will be days when you’d want to just do nothing

It’s not going to be exciting all the time…

This is all that you have left.

Sometimes family, friends and acquiantances won’t look at your work BUT STRANGERS WILL. And it’s quite like magic.

Don’t be afraid of being unread.

How can you be thankful with a little coin?

Fear a little convenience

I am born with a compass. Still, I’m frustrated as everyone.

On Why our Books are still Unfinished (a rather witty take on the process of writing novels) – Part 1

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