Everything for what’s ahead: One Last War

There is something about holding onto an aspiration, about holding onto your passion, about living every single day towards where you want to be.

There is something about seeing around you every single proof that right now, you are far from your kingdom, or your mere dream house; your presidency or your mere dream family; your excellence or your mere promotion; your uniqueness or your mere preferred suit; your creativity or your mere digital illustration.

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The dreams that stayed with me.

Most people who are older than me surprisingly told me that up until now, now that many things have happened in their lives, now that they have tried many things, and now that they have overcame many difficulties, still don’t know where they really want to be and what they want to be. They told me many times that they are just dancing with the wind. They told me that they will know when to step further. They told me that now, the best option is to wait for an opportunity. They told me that for now, they are okay with where they are. They are okay.

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