Not a new beginning but a new yesterday

Most of us name yesterday as “Year 1809”, “a long, long time ago”, “back when I was in high school” or any other group of words that spell a time that makes us pause and look far, far back behind us. Continue reading

In the same chair but not forever

That chair you’re sitting onto was that one certain chair everybody saw you in many calendars ago. Today, you’re in the same place, same position, same situation. In those endless and restless routines life has entrapped you in, you wish of far, far places. You wish to stand up, walk, run, and fly to a place far, far away. You no longer like where you are. Your eyes are set on another: a completely far better circumstance. You wish for a far better life.

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Everybody wants to move forward…and there’s no stopping us!

There is a time to stay, a time to breathe the same air and a time to appreciate whatever little or big is in your hands.

But there is also a time when an end is coming. It is usually the kind that has pounded on the door so many times and at this point, it is certain: it is time to move on. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE!

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