Not a new beginning but a new yesterday

Most of us name yesterday as “Year 1809”, “a long, long time ago”, “back when I was in high school” or any other group of words that spell a time that makes us pause and look far, far back behind us. Continue reading

If fireworks were written messages

It says, “You made it through one more year and see how you’ve been walking through and through? Your age says it. And it is miraculously beautiful.”

It says, “You have so much people to love and so many love you more than you can ever feel.”

It says,”You have changed once more and I hope it means you have become gladder, wiser, healthier, and stronger.”

It says, “You have actually always been blessed. Your needs were never forgotten; they were always served right infront of you.”

It says, “You have become one-more-year-victorious and most likely, you’d be under the fireworks again three hundred sixty five or less days from now.”

It says, “It’s a New Year, dear. AND YOU ARE ALIVE.”

Everything for what’s ahead: One Last War

There is something about holding onto an aspiration, about holding onto your passion, about living every single day towards where you want to be.

There is something about seeing around you every single proof that right now, you are far from your kingdom, or your mere dream house; your presidency or your mere dream family; your excellence or your mere promotion; your uniqueness or your mere preferred suit; your creativity or your mere digital illustration.

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Knowing that everything will end can be the most comforting fact to know

There are things that we all wish to end. Those things that are difficult, burdensome, weakening, incomprehensible, painful, evil…

In the middle of such days, nothing else comes to mind other than “when will this END?”
No comfort is enough; no word can touch.
Looking at the future only strengthens the pain.

It will end.
That’s all I know.
Sometimes, that’s ALL we need to know.