Not a new beginning but a new yesterday

Most of us name yesterday as “Year 1809”, “a long, long time ago”, “back when I was in high school” or any other group of words that spell a time that makes us pause and look far, far back behind us. Continue reading

Because There Must be Hot Chocolate in My Mug Again



The raindrops,

the sound that hushes workaholic world and all its worries,

I used to love that before. Continue reading

Four years from now: This threat!

It was another day in the office when I stumbled upon this entry. It was also a day after a period wherein I hated where I exactly was and made efforts to escape from here. It’s been two years and I found myself longing for a better place each day that I was at this same seat. Slowly, attachment to where I am strongly began to weaken and the longing for better things screamed in my head with giant megaphones every single time that I was doing the same things that I have been doing for the past two years.

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If fireworks were written messages

It says, “You made it through one more year and see how you’ve been walking through and through? Your age says it. And it is miraculously beautiful.”

It says, “You have so much people to love and so many love you more than you can ever feel.”

It says,”You have changed once more and I hope it means you have become gladder, wiser, healthier, and stronger.”

It says, “You have actually always been blessed. Your needs were never forgotten; they were always served right infront of you.”

It says, “You have become one-more-year-victorious and most likely, you’d be under the fireworks again three hundred sixty five or less days from now.”

It says, “It’s a New Year, dear. AND YOU ARE ALIVE.”

When you swept life with who you are

There was a time when you stared at the blue sky thinking of things that people around you surely cannot grasp. It was a time when there was only one person by your side and the whole world felt like it had a whole universe of its own. There was a time when you walked those streets, ignored yet busy with those musings and little wishes. There was a time when you wished that the stars would listen and sweep reality with its way of dancing. It was a time so sad and lonely but very hopeful at the same time. And that hope you had, which you only had, was what kept you going. Sunny day or a hurricane coming, you were there feeling and respecting everything on its way.

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That tiny world where I am queen.

It’s such a whimsical moment sharing conversations with people: sharing what’s pouring out from deep, deep down in there, expressing the purest chills passing through those veins, letting those thoughts evolve into sounds and gestures, sharing a piece of you and passing onto another wishing that he will take care of it. 

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The dreams that stayed with me.

Most people who are older than me surprisingly told me that up until now, now that many things have happened in their lives, now that they have tried many things, and now that they have overcame many difficulties, still don’t know where they really want to be and what they want to be. They told me many times that they are just dancing with the wind. They told me that they will know when to step further. They told me that now, the best option is to wait for an opportunity. They told me that for now, they are okay with where they are. They are okay.

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