Because There Must be Hot Chocolate in My Mug Again



The raindrops,

the sound that hushes workaholic world and all its worries,

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There are many strong people…and they are also weak.

There are people who left things to make things better. There are people who chose to keep quiet to keep the silence. There are people who are staying in their room because being outside will only be irritating, awkward, disappointing or hurting. There are people who chose to be in another place not because they want to be there but because they NEED to be there. There are people who not only left the box where they used to be but also threw that box away and are now continuously shifting shapes just to fit in anywhere at anytime. 

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Knowing that everything will end can be the most comforting fact to know

There are things that we all wish to end. Those things that are difficult, burdensome, weakening, incomprehensible, painful, evil…

In the middle of such days, nothing else comes to mind other than “when will this END?”
No comfort is enough; no word can touch.
Looking at the future only strengthens the pain.

It will end.
That’s all I know.
Sometimes, that’s ALL we need to know.