So once again, here comes the weekend…

Today, it’s Friday and the office is louder than usual. It’s always like that when it’s Friday. Continue reading

There will be days when you’d want to just do nothing

and by nothing, I actually mean that we want to go somewhere we can be strangers again, Continue reading

Not a new beginning but a new yesterday

Most of us name yesterday as “Year 1809”, “a long, long time ago”, “back when I was in high school” or any other group of words that spell a time that makes us pause and look far, far back behind us. Continue reading

Planet Hallways All the Way and I being the main character who is asking God for a straight answer.

I have many questions, so many questions that I can actually create a planet out of them. Continue reading

Why I love responsibilities

Most people would equate responsibility to “waking up through every ever-darkening dark circles”, Continue reading