There are thoughts that changed the world.

There are thoughts that caused one to never see life the way he did ever again.

There are thoughts that built the Eiffel Tower, wrote “Romeo and Juliet”, painted Mona Lisa and developed the phone you’re using right now. (Hehe!)

There are thoughts that put a genuine smile on one’s face after such a long, grueling time.

There are thoughts that colored the sky and made the rainbow look gray.

There are many thoughts everyday.

There are more thoughts than text messages, actually.

There are more thoughts than actions.

There are many thoughts.

Not all of them are good, but in this tiny, little world, I hope mine twinkles.

, Kayce MST♥


* Thoughtsmusttwinkle is a little space that this girl considers as her “virtual thoughts blog” (whatever that means). She’s always been afraid to write on the internet for this world is too WIDE and OPEN for such. Now, she believes that there are thoughts to be shared. She is an “everyday thinker” and her thoughts might just pat you on the back or blow your world to pieces.

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