How lovely it is to be a little deprived of time.

She asked the Heavens above,

“I am in terrible need of Time.


to have no distractions,

no people asking me orders and favors,

no responsibilities that run for 8 hours or even more,

that even sleep feels like it’s devouring my every 6 hours–”

And then, there were those tiny minutes she remembered where her chest was thumping as she did all that has to be done that day.

One lovely day at a time and tomorrow is vowed to be better:

that’s what is ought to be received by she who lets tiny minutes afloat towards completion.

No one owns all his or her time,

there are demands every now and then,

from every stranger and love,

from every circumstance and season,

but those little minutes when you are free,

make them an ocean and sky combined

brighter than gold,

and a thumping future shall be all yours.

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