Don’t be afraid of being unread.


Blogs are usually designed with buttons that say “hits”, “likes” and “flag counter”. It does feel sweet whenever numbers increase, comments flood through the page, links get clicked and words get appreciated by people. I too have daydreamed of such days. And then, I remember the day I said “I want to make a blog”.


I never really liked the idea of publishing any of my works online. I was never comfortable about it. I had a blog before and I wrote there every single thing that needed more space than just my papers and notebooks at home. You guessed it right: it was a private blog. Only a few, very few of my friends, knew about it.


So what made me create another blog that I set to public? Well, I wanted a slice of my writings to be read. I wanted to speak out a little and know that somewhere out there, somebody completely knows what I am talking about with just the hundred – and – something words that I let out on planet Earth. I always believed that there are people who share the same things with me, be it opinion, belief, circumstance, emotion, knowledge, situation or direction.


The screeching truth is this: we cannot expect a thousand or sometimes, even a hundred people running towards us with a sign that says “I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU KNOW ME TOO WELL. YOU! THAT FACE WHICH I’VE NEVER SEEN. YOU WHOSE NAME I AM STILL TRYING TO REMEMBER. YOU WHO HAS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HEARTS I’VE EVER HEARD BEATING! I WANT TO HUG YOU RIGHT NOW!”


People are too busy. People can be too attracted to pictures and out-of-the-ordinary webpages. People get lazy when they have gazed at a page that is mighty full of words written in all black. People only read about what they want and after one paragraph, there’s a 75% chance of them clicking the next tab. Probably, right now, some have already clicked away from this page.


It’s hard to expect from people, really. It can be very disappointing and I honestly felt that way recently.


And I want to remember the very reason why I threw away my doubt and hesitation from putting up a blog here on the internet:


It isn’t really to be read.


It is to be found: For eyes to see a little sunflower within the words woven by my strange, little thoughts.


… Not everyone will see that yellow thing, but as long as it is seen by one pair of eyes, then it has been all worth it.

2 thoughts on “Don’t be afraid of being unread.

  1. As I’m new to blogging, this is a refreshing reminder. I was debating on whether I should continue & then I realized I could have this as my own little diary…& if people want to read that’s great, if not it’ll be great to look back at and read on my own. 😉

    • Hi, Cristy! I love what you said especially the last line, “& if people want to read that’s great, if not it’ll be great to look back at and read on my own. ;)”

      Sometimes, it’s easy to be discouraged when our posts/thoughts aren’t read by people but it is actually much more important that we let out these thoughts and remember them some time in the future.

      Let’s keep on writing!!! 😉

      (I visited your blog and I was surprised that we have similar URLs: they both begin with the word “thoughts”. Isn’t that awesome? Heehee!)

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