Sometimes family, friends and acquiantances won’t look at your work BUT STRANGERS WILL. And it’s quite like magic.


My brother has never seen this blog.  He was the first to know about it. He was the first to know how excited I was to finally put my first ever post. I also gave him the URL on his list of things to search on the internet. Up to this day, he knows not one article that I have written. Well, I’m still subconsciously pulling him to type the words on the search box and hit ENTER.


I have always been hesitant to tell people who are close to me that I have a blog and here, I’ve been translating my thoughts to words. Whenever I tried to reach out to people, there’s this shyness enveloping me but at the same time, my mind goes “WOOT WOOT!!! Finally, he/she knows.” And then, there’s an underlying thought that says, “I trust this friend. She will read every article.” Another is, “My Mom’s gonna chuckle on some things I wrote.” And yet another one goes something like, “Dear, I just gave you a piece of what’s deep, deep, deep down in here. I trust, trust, trust you!”

It can be painful to see that sometimes, we even have to tag these special people on Facebook or send them our URLs through SMS just so they could check out whatever we put up in here. AND. THEY. NEVER. DO!

I texted it to my friend. She hasn’t seen it. When it was brought up in the conversation once again, she asked, “What is it again?”

I connected my Facebook account to this site so the articles being posted here would appear over there – yes, that crowded site – and so that my friends would see them. There were only a few likes on Facebook. Looks like they only “liked” the title, NOT THE ENTIRE POST! *laughs


Oh, people, sometimes you can be a little disheartening.

And so, in this post, all hail to strangers!

Strangers who happened to be lingering somewhere in this net-sphere and who happened to gaze their busy eyes on one intriguing title. Strangers who clicked the link and spent some minutes to read an entire article. Strangers who agreed or understood or loved some freshly – freed thoughts that they can’t help but click “reblog”. Strangers, just complete strangers, who nodded, smiled, cracked up or even teared up while eating chocolate bars in front of the computer screen over the thought bubble of another complete stranger.


My brother may take a while to finally visit this site I hold dearly.

My friend, being so busy at her new job, surely have forgotten about my freaking URL again.

My parents – oh my gwahddd – will take years to learn how to use the computer more proficiently.

Acquaintances may have visited the home page and scrolled through and then, never come back because there are better blogs and those blogs are ABOUT FASHION, ABOUT TRAVELING AROUND THE WORLD, ABOUT CELEBRITY GOSSIP AND ARE BOMBARDED BY HD PHOTOGRAPHS which writing blogs do not have all the time.

But strangers can make us continue to write,

because they do not care so much,

except that the words we write are those which are also lingering deep, deep, deep down in their minds,

and by that, we all somehow understand each other and are connected,

more deeply than how our acquaintances, friends, and family sometimes do.


One thought on “Sometimes family, friends and acquiantances won’t look at your work BUT STRANGERS WILL. And it’s quite like magic.

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