The littlest thing that made you happy today, TELL ME!

So I was laughing by myself. Yes, I was alone… ALONE WITH MY TINY LITTLE THOUGHT in the office and I was laughing almost hysterically. It felt so good. It felt magical to be able to laugh like that just because of one tiny thing.

Just one tiny thing.


And then, I remembered how I’ve actually been happy nowadays. Wait, I have been happy? REALLY? Talaga? Hontou? Jinja? *See, I have been happy! Indeed! One way to know if I’m happy is hearing me utter different languages in one conversation all out of randomness.


So I’ve been happy these days. And no, it’s not because of anything big. It’s not because things have changed for the better.




It’s because my mother uttered some words that I’ve longed to hear. She told me words that meant “You’ll make it through this and things will surely change exactly the way you’ve been wishing.”

It’s because I saw a cute, spiraled notebook that is mint in color at the bookstore.

And I bought it. Yay!

It’s because I watched several videos with my brother, videos that are actually dear to me.

It’s because I might watch a movie with my college friends.

Oh, it’s been such a long time.

It’s because my college best friend finally texted me. That busy girl!

It’s because it’s been raining but not whenever I’m outside. The weather is friends with me nowadays. I wish it’ll be forever.

It’s because my pen is running out of ink again… and I’m surely going to buy a new refill.


Just simple, little, cute, tiny things and there’s a smile on my face plus random laughter in the office… and sudden thoughts on the road that make me exert more effort in remaining expressionless. Haha! 😀



Though your two eyebrows are probably meeting today, I still wish that there is one tiny thing that made you happy today.


So tell me, what is the littlest thing that put a smile on your face?

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