It’s not going to be exciting all the time…

There will be days when we’d feel like superman, able to do anything.

At that time, I thought it will be forever probably because the eagerness was strong, the will was whole, and the perspective seemed so clear.

It was a time when I felt so young, so passionate and so capable of doing and reaching anything as long as there is a vivid picture in my mind.

Nobody can stop me. I was burning.

There will be days when we’d feel god-like…



No because there will be days, many days when everything will appear pointless. The road will look like it was shaken and broken and you, that pitiful creature that you are, will be shivering there in the middle and you can only stare and feel. People will be too busy with eyes never glancing at you when you talk to them. Nothing will be sure and clear. Nothing will kick the blood through those veins. It will feel so good to take a nap and some even wish to never wake – they truly do! Going to some place will be the lamest thing ever. Thinking of the future will be disregarded. No one’s gonna help. There will be no reason. THERE WILL BE NO REASON AT ALL.


And that will feel so empty and a little painful. No, it will be very painful. Right there, you will realize that you are no superhero. I truly felt that I was just a human begging for some power somewhere above there, a human crying for help.


We will all feel that we actually cannot fly.

That we cannot do anything.


But hold on, Dear.

And kindly whisper in my ear,

to hold on too!

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