So once again, here comes the weekend…

Today, it’s Friday and the office is louder than usual. It’s always like that when it’s Friday.

I , like most people in every office, school and home, am also relieved that it’s already Friday but, there is a little piercing in my head: this weekend is starting to become like Monday.


We all look forward to the weekend but we all just stay home or do anything that we believe can be called “weekend”. We stay at home, lock ourselves in music playlists or whatever movie there is on TV. We call our friends and hang out with them. We sip more cups of coffee and slouch on the chair. We talk with some sweet people and we sleep a little more because there are dark circles to lighten up. We do whatever we believe is classified “weekend” and we become restless once again as Sunday night creeps in.

Hello, dreadful Monday again.


And you know, I truly dread it. No, I don’t dread Mondays. I DON’T WANT TO DREAD MONDAYS.

I dread feeling all negative about weekdays and all giddy on weekends. It is just so unfair.


Because life is not only composed of Friday nights, Saturdays and Sunday afternoons.

Life is EVERY DAY and EVERY MINUTE in it.

So, I want to love Mondays.

I want to love Tuesdays.

I want to love every single day that is given me.

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