How does one measure a father?

Is it by how much money he has?

Is it by the kind of university he was able to send his children?

Is it by how much he pampers his wife?

Is it by the car he drives?

Is it by the surname his children carry around with them?

Is it by how much of a gentleman he is?

Is it by the size of his house?


Well, my father ones had ALL of those. Was he a good father?

My father lost everything. Is he now a bad father?


I still miss seeing him in a suit and shoes made of alligator skin.

I still miss those days when we went to country clubs, hotels and restaurants.

I still miss that man who was enveloped by luxury Рa man who commanded attention and respect by simply being present. 

I still miss him that way but, I never wanted to be an ungrateful daughter.

Despite our family almost falling apart many times, I just can’t stop believing in him, even now that we have nothing.

Yes, even now that many suggested living a life apart from him.

Now that many said he is good for nothing and he will surely grow old and broke.

Now that many sees nothing in my future all because of his little failure which is branded by the world as a father’s duty.


So tell me,

how does one measure a father?


My father still doesn’t know every music I listen to,

the pictures I hold dear,

the books that spell my life,

the people I consider landmarks of moments,

and the moments I never forget.

He still doesn’t know every pastry that excites me,

the places I want my presence to linger,

and my favorite nail polish,

but he knows my dreams and is currently doing everything to be able to support me on that.




But how will he do it? He is now 60 and has no job.

My Dad does not have to be the same rich man for me to still believe in him.

I see him going out almost everyday  because he quietly says,

” We need to move forward,

you have to reach your dreams.

It may look hopeless but I’m working on some things to finally be able to provide for this family again.

You need to go back to school and have everything you need to pursue your dreams.”

Every single day, IT IS US WHO’S IN HIS MIND.




Now, how does one measure a father?

How is it possible for this family to fall apart?

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