If you think you are strong

Not every place is Paris where every angle is picturesque.

Not every house is spacious enough for sweet meals, running around or decorating; not every room is a space where sweet memories will never be forgotten.

Not every school is comfortable to study at with clean and spacious rooms and museum-like libraries.

Not every meal is a sumptuous one, carefully and lovingly cooked by Mom.

Not every trip is to an enthusiastically expected destination.

Not every person is born in privilege, prestige and of the simplest things some unfortunate people earnestly pray for.

Not every circumstance a person is in is his wish.

Not every routine is enjoyed by the one who is in that cycle.

Not every family is still intact.

Not every relationship is for ever after.

Not every person wears a genuine smile on his face.

Not every roof shelters a family from the rain.

Not every one is blessed as you.


You are so whiny! Please, just shut up and see things a little more clearly.

We’re all going through some thorns, some betrayal, some harshly-composed words, some twisted conceptions, some backs turned right on our face, some evil-embraced schemes, some consideration deprived from being given, some roads smacked by flood and annoying uncertainties¬†between all those pedestrian lanes…

So shut up and keep going! 

And if you are one of those who’s living more conveniently, be more considerate and appreciative. Never ever look down on people because they are most certainly taller than you.

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