You are Never the Victim

That is, if you decide that you will never end up the victim

if you gather the littlest of strength you have left,

if you stop blaming everyone for their mistakes that caused you to be beaten,

if you learn from your own faults and grow many inches from all those wrongs,

if you accept, totally accept, where you are – on top or the deepest of all seas,

if you take the responsibility and blessing of still being alive and breathing,

if you embrace the fact that people are all different – some will forever be with you, and yes, only some of them,

if you leave behind every thing, every single thing that is actually not helping you,

if you take action and do all that you can with all that you are with this very day that is given you,


then you will not be the victim

because you know, you are not cut out to be a victim.

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