The Endless Pursuit to Move On

I know three things.


1) We’re all going through something.

2) We all want to win.

3) The ending, we will eventually know. 


I do not know a billion people but,

I know that most of them are moving on.

They are moving on from childhood,

from wrong decisions,

from unexpected circumstances,

from a season of sadness,

from people who failed them,

from that haunting past,

from things they failed to acquire,

from the death of someone dear,

from pages of disappointments,

from merciless criticism,

from yesterday.


I only know a few people, probably just hundreds of battered people.

And I know that most of them do not want to stay here.

There are still many roads to take on the days before us.

There are still many days to spend.

There is still that ending that we ought to know.

So move on, dear.

We’re all moving on.

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