I do not know “LATE”

They say it’s already late…

late for me to venture into this world

late for me to see places

late for me to study what I find interesting

late to meet a number of people

late to make realities out of things that can’t be seen

late for anything worth trying


They say it’s late,

according to their standards, their time table, their life stories.

So biased. And they want to infect me.

They want me to just be one common creature.


No, it’s not late.

Is there only one clock in the world?

No, there are more clocks than people in the world. That’s what I think.

We have our own set of hours and minutes, of years and decades.

This world is where billions of life stories are being written.

Only fools would feel like it’s already late.


To a person so determined to see every sky in this world,

“LATE” is a misconception. 

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