Excited with no reason

Tomorrow is Monday and I am sure it will be just another day. I will strive to wake up before the alarm clock says, “Dreadful day is here. Wake up, little girl, and face it.” I will dress up, fix my bag and eat for the day, that usual day that my every inch have memorized. I sometimes feel like a robot without needing so much thought in the process of preparing for the day. I will transport through the same tiring roads, those very gray roads that I can’t see colors of cars, trees, and clothes and where even the sky looks gray with its blue hue. I will enter the same building and the guard will inspect my bag. I will ride the elevator and walk towards the same desk I’ve spent most of my days at these past few years.

It will be the same day. 

But right now, I feel different.

Nothing has changed. Nothing, really.

My parents are doing the same things. My brother is doing the same things. We still live in the same house. We still dread the same neighborhood. We still have many longings. We’re still struggling with the same freaking problems. We are still begging the heavens to shake the universe – for things to change. There is nothing for me to change how I feel about these days.

BUT I FEEL DIFFERENT. I feel different right now.

It feels like I know IT’S TIME. It feels like 524 seconds are left till the most awaited moment. It feels like the wind has hushed to its most silent state and a new season is going to overwhelm. The time feels different and I don’t really know why I’M EXCITED.

Maybe I’m crazy.

Or maybe, this is what you call FAITH.

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