Your choice for us to still be apart

Days went when there were no more roads to take but that pair that made us turn two opposite ways…

More days went by and we were on our own.

Weeks of bitter feelings came and they were all that we felt.

Months of closure planted roots in both soils our feet printed onto and the roots grew deeper and deeper.

Many years gave birth to new ones and I never had a clue about you; I bet you too.

Those days I was only able to wonder if you ever thought about me and the road I was taking.

Those days I only wished you never have forgotten.

Today came and there is a new truth: our roads have met and WE ARE CONNECTED AGAIN.

And now, I can’t help but look back at the road I took. Now, I can’t help but wonder about that road you went through too. I can say we had to go through different roads. It was essential for me; it was essential for you too.

Aren’t we supposed to be so excited for what’s ahead now that we are once again, together?

I can’t see the excitement in you. Probably you are hiding it; maybe you’re trying to hide it or even deny it. You are possibly afraid of our past and how it will slowly hurt when we coincidentally and naturally remember those roads that we took. The monsters may scare you; the bitter feelings might resurrect as our relationship rise from that grave both of us hid it in. You are probably very scared to be hurt once more.

Your present seems to be so important now that you are careful with each action you take, never taking risk, never taking possibilities. Your future seems to be the only thing that you have now, so your hands are holding it as if it’s already in your hands. The next days, you do not want to put at stake and so, you choose people and by choosing, I see nobody, really nobody beside you. 

I say there are still many things in your hands, and one is us. Those roads have been walked; those days have been endured.

Our roads have crossed. Isn’t that important too?

Our roads could have brought us to farther places, farther and farther from each other. We found each other again.

We’re together…FOR ONE MORE TIME.

And it’s bothering me that we are not seeing each other.


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