In the same chair but not forever

That chair you’re sitting onto was that one certain chair everybody saw you in many calendars ago. Today, you’re in the same place, same position, same situation. In those endless and restless routines life has entrapped you in, you wish of far, far places. You wish to stand up, walk, run, and fly to a place far, far away. You no longer like where you are. Your eyes are set on another: a completely far better circumstance. You wish for a far better life.

But life is full of waiting and in waiting, you have to wait for the last time waiting will linger. Things are very slow as if they’re so sure of something. Things are very slow as if they’re waiting for something. And in waiting, all you are gets caught in a season of drought: it feels like there is no longer anything you can do.




In that same chair, you are a commander. I hope you have never forgotten. As long as there is a reason, there will be impulses to move and take action. I can see you leaving that chair and your pulse and heartbeat clashing together in that very moment right after counting sands and stars and many disappointments in between many middles. You will leave, the universe is sure you will. You are coming, they all have waited too. 

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