Everybody wants to move forward…and there’s no stopping us!

There is a time to stay, a time to breathe the same air and a time to appreciate whatever little or big is in your hands.

But there is also a time when an end is coming. It is usually the kind that has pounded on the door so many times and at this point, it is certain: it is time to move on. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE!

And so, if that time comes,



In this moment, many will suggest and give opinion. Many will hold your hand dearly and say that you are still needed here, right here. There will be some who’ll dare ask you, “Would you trade convenience to uncertainty?” To that, you shall only say, “I choose faith than a life I’ll never fully know.” Dear ones will say they’ll miss you and their lonely smiles will make you gasp. The place will warn you that you will never be able to come back. It will be scary and a few seconds, fear will fill you.

But it’s time to move on. It’s time to see what better is assigned there in the future.

So say goodbye to this place, to these people, to these circumstances, to this very day.

A better day, in its full glory, is excitedly waiting for you.

It is already there; it’s just waiting for you.

No one can stop you, really. No one.


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