Frustration is when…

Frustration is when life has turned dead boring.
Frustration is when the world turned gray and you are more than ready to paint it colorful.
Frustration is when you find out that a paintbrush is in your hands but wind says it isn’t time yet.
Frustration is when this world stays as gray as it is in that strong moment when you know you just want to color every single angle your eyes lay on hues that this world has never seen.
Frustration is when people are busy with their own walks and there is no one to vomit words onto.
Frustration is when you are alone and you’re the only one who knows it.
Frustration is when you see lines, shapes, letters and numbers in darkness and you understand them.
Frustration is when you know you are more than you are but it still isn’t time yet.
Frustration is WAITING and waiting is damn deadly.
Frustration is when things are about to turn the other way.

Hang on…

Love the frustration. Beauty is next.


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