A Christmas tree that I miss.

“There’s a Christmas tree that I miss.
It was in our house many, many years ago.
That tree is now gone.
Same with the house.

Remembering such little memories remind me of the many reasons why I have to live each day.”


That was my status on Facebook.

It was a Christmas tree that I always associate my childhood with. It was the first and last Christmas tree that we had. Christmas has always been special to me. This might be one of the reasons.

It was a big house. It was our family’s first official house. It was a house that I always associate the good days of my childhood with. Moving to another house has always been something remarkable in my life – remarkable and unforgettable in all possible reasons.

Two little memories.

The streets are filled with Christmas lights again. The streets are filled with the same bustling cars and hurrying people, only now they are heightened by all “Christmas reasons and urges”.

I’m that girl in the same street who loves to be mesmerized by all those colorful giant trees, shiny ornaments, and never-getting-old holiday songs. I’m also that girl who loves walking those decorated streets reminiscing everything that I had, good or bad, happy or sad. I’m that girl who loves to never forget because things no matter how little actually keep us steadily walking.

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