When you swept life with who you are

There was a time when you stared at the blue sky thinking of things that people around you surely cannot grasp. It was a time when there was only one person by your side and the whole world felt like it had a whole universe of its own. There was a time when you walked those streets, ignored yet busy with those musings and little wishes. There was a time when you wished that the stars would listen and sweep reality with its way of dancing. It was a time so sad and lonely but very hopeful at the same time. And that hope you had, which you only had, was what kept you going. Sunny day or a hurricane coming, you were there feeling and respecting everything on its way.

And now, it was you who swept life with who you are.

Life then became your world and everything, even raindrops and sun rays, made friends with you. Those things that were once just thoughts, feelings and imaginings can now be seen, touched and experienced. Your dreams came true…

and now, I want you to remember…

That you used to be us back then. You used to believe that life is over; and then, one more reason to step forward pops out of nowhere. You used to be so engrossed by all those dreams; and then, one more reason to prove you that dreaming is NOTHING against reality’s wrath pops out of nowhere. You used to feed on every piece of your dream. You used to work hard, work hard to death just for that one dream of yours. You used to stay awake all night because they said and keep on saying that “YOU SHOULD WORK HARD”. You used to wake up early in the morning because they told you that “those who sleep shall never eat”. You used to doubt your dreams and sometimes, even your sanity. You used to be nobody. You used to dream too. You used to dream.

And I want you to remember that you used to be like us. We are those whom you haven’t noticed, I believe. We are those whose names have never been read on newspapers, spoken of on the news, or tagged in social networking sites. We are those who walk those streets alone with our overlooked dreams; those young people who are often branded as “people without a future” or old people who “are too weak to be important”. We are those who eat only to survive; who drink a glass of cold water for a little rest; who sleep to wake up in another gruesome day. We are those who are still walking towards our dreams.

Be joyful for you have caught those stars you once wished upon.

Be thankful because everything worked according to your wish.

And never ever forget that once upon a time, you dreamed… you dreamed like us all.

And if ever you realize that your dream is not a fairy tale, remember those days when your dream was just a freaking fairy tale.


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