That tiny world where I am queen.

It’s such a whimsical moment sharing conversations with people: sharing what’s pouring out from deep, deep down in there, expressing the purest chills passing through those veins, letting those thoughts evolve into sounds and gestures, sharing a piece of you and passing onto another wishing that he will take care of it. 

And then there’s this tiny world that one’s you’re in it, it revolves into a bigger and wider place. It is a place where the silence is very friendly to any thought, it is a place where honesty is not scary, it is a place where keeping quiet is actually yelling dying sentiments. I know of this tiny world where I am queen and no one judges that truth. I know of this tiny world where I am more than what this world sees me. It’s a world I always went to. It’s a world I wish will be discovered. It’s a world I wish to see become my present days.

It’s some kind of privacy, or privacy at its highest form. It’s some kind of faith, or faith in its richest form – as if indeed, nothing is impossible. It’s some kind of satisfaction, or satisfaction at its truest form. It’s a better world. It’s a world I’m walking everyday towards to.


And today, many thoughts were born.

Quite stressful today, but it’s comforting to know that there is a world of things I can go forward with.

And even though I’m dying to share it all with somebody, I know I should only hush, and make them all transform to things that can be seen, heard and felt.

Off to the road again… See you there? 

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