Everything for what’s ahead: One Last War

There is something about holding onto an aspiration, about holding onto your passion, about living every single day towards where you want to be.

There is something about seeing around you every single proof that right now, you are far from your kingdom, or your mere dream house; your presidency or your mere dream family; your excellence or your mere promotion; your uniqueness or your mere preferred suit; your creativity or your mere digital illustration.

There is something about lying in bed thinking about nothing else but what’s in your heart.

There is something about listening ever so loyally to your aches in every single music that plays.

There is something about praying though it already feels dumb, stupid and foolish to do so.

Something about being here and now, yet living every step for what is ahead.

True. It sucks in here. Very much.

It kills.

It’s like you want to crush everything and show the world how it could be better than it is today; SHOW THE WORLD HOW YOU CAN MAKE IT FAR BETTER!

Today is a war.

Today, I have decided once more to make sure that every single step I take leads to that one destination, that one heaven only I can see (for now).

It is a war where every step and action taken counts.

One missed step and everything ahead will be taken away.

Today is a war.

It is one more war before freedom from simplicity, dissatisfaction, loneliness, tragedy, loss, guilt, separation, meaninglessness and lifelessness.

I hope we all win! 

* Personal note:

I made a decision this week and I feel that it will be the start of my many efforts towards the things I want to achieve. Well, I’ve always lived making sure that my many passions are walking beside me. It will be hard AS ALWAYS but this time, that certain thing and all things connected to it feel more REAL. Like, “THIS IS IT!” This is the start of it all, really. It just feels so different this time so I wrote this. ONE LAST WAR! Many times, I dreamed and I held onto those unceasingly. Now is the start of REAL STEPS!

Let’s walk together, shall we? (Whoever you are, good luck to us all!)

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