I’m still waiting for…

In one of my classes, our topic went like this: “What was the best year of your life?”

That can be an easy question for someone like him. He is two or three decades older than me. I think he can already be my dad. LOL! He has been working at the same company for more than twenty years now. He already has his family and he seems to be satisfied and happy with his life. His answer was back when he got his job. He told me stories about getting his job and that he intends to stay where he is now. He sounded like a man who is very much satisfied with where he is and I as his teacher gave him my support.


Now it was my turn. I thought that it will be easy for me to answer but eras and decades that occurred barged in my mind. I couldn’t think of an answer. I didn’t know which one was best and I didn’t know why. Maybe because there were many good things that happened. Maybe because there were many bad things that happened. Maybe because I was actually never satisfied. Maybe because I learned to be very appreciative of life that everything that happened is now good in my eyes. Maybe because my life has been so full of fullness or it has been so full of emptiness at the same time. Maybe it was two opposite worlds perfectly blended into one.


“I have two answers”, I said raising my right hand and showing a peace sign to indicate the number two. “First is my freshman year in college”, I continued recalling the one and a half year I spent in college, the awesome people I met there, the professors and all the memories of being a student that time. I told him that my freshman year didn’t turn out as I wished but it was wonderful and memorable. I experienced many new things and new notable people came into my life – people who actually stayed with me and are still somewhere near me for sure. I guess, FIRSTs will always be memorable, aren’t they?


“What’s the second one?” he asked.


The moment he uttered those words, excitement rushed in my veins. A battalion of words wanted to escape from me but I had to compose myself. I said such a simple line that mean worlds and one universe to me: “I’m still waiting for my best year.” 


He smiled a big smile and I giggled like a little girl.


Yes, I’m still waiting for my best year. He asked me to tell him what I want to happen in my life. That part, I won’t write about here anymore but it was such a significant moment to have someone to listen to your thoughts and desires in life.


I’m still waiting for my best year. 


I think everybody is doing the same no matter how young or old. 

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