There are many strong people…and they are also weak.

There are people who left things to make things better. There are people who chose to keep quiet to keep the silence. There are people who are staying in their room because being outside will only be irritating, awkward, disappointing or hurting. There are people who chose to be in another place not because they want to be there but because they NEED to be there. There are people who not only left the box where they used to be but also threw that box away and are now continuously shifting shapes just to fit in anywhere at anytime. 

They are heroes. They are people who have sacrificed. They are people who hate where they are but are fighting for a better day and a better place. They are people who are serving you breakfast this morning and ironing your clothes this afternoon and are turning on the TV this evening. They are people who are forcibly forgetting their own needs, wants and even life for you to have a comfortable chair, position, and identity. They are people who are dying inside but have to conceal it for your joy. They are young people who are biting every inch of the book because you told them they are the future – your failed dreams’ future. They are old people who grew up not knowing what life and being alive really mean. They are middle-aged people who keep on collecting stress just for you to have a better job when you reach their age.

We’re all people making other people miserable one way or another.

But we can also be people forgetting ourselves for the joy, future, happiness, satisfaction, betterment and life of another. 

There are many strong people around. They are also weak. They are also weak. They need to be understood, need to be noticed, need not be ignored. They also need many things. They need a break. They need time for themselves. They need some more patience from you. They need you to stop asking for this and that and everything else that  pops in your mind. They need you to pause and listen. They need you to decipher what’s behind their smile. They need you to see their callouses and back pains. They need you to see that there is a whole new, different and more colorful world that they want to reach. They need you to give them some time to sleep. They need you to leave them alone for awhile.

And in the middle of all that, they are still fighting.

Still fighting for you. 

2 thoughts on “There are many strong people…and they are also weak.

  1. I didnt know that you have your blog as well dear~ I am now your number one follower! I enjoyed reading your articles here! More to come! Godbless!

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