Everything was the same except the feeling.

We just wanted to eat. We were so hungry that a list of what I might really want to eat quickly scrolled down in my mind. Pasta? Anything Korean? Any type of bread that’s heavy in the stomach? What will I eat? No, where shall we eat?

Sometimes, when you plan something out and the planned time comes, you just don’t feel like doing what you planned anymore. Your appetite changes. What you want changes. We were planning to eat somewhere Asian and affordable but then, we were craving for something else. So there we were, me and my ever-with-me brother jogging around the mall which was closing in less than an hour looking for any place to eat. This time, we were relying on “initial reaction” – EXPLORATION!

We passed by some familiar restaurants but we didn’t feel like walking any closer. We thought of this restaurant that has pasta and pizza; the thought made us run to that place but then I remembered it’s a place where you eat by reservation. At the left was a restaurant we’ve always wanted to try but we quickly looked away – weird! What a demanding appetite we had! Across that certain restaurant was another which pulled us like we were being swallowed by a black hole. Almost all tables were occupied except for one beside where the managers were probably doing their usual duties when the restaurant is about to close. We sat there. Take note that there were no utensils and all. It was as if that table wasn’t really free for customers. Thanks to the crew who accommodated us quickly, provided utensils, served refreshments and gave us the menu.

To our left, a familiar table was situated. It was where we ate a hearty meal with our parents. I still remember the Carbonara Pizza and Mango Float I had that time. It was good. It delighted my taste buds and I told myself I’ll have it again soon. That soon never happened in a year, in two years or so. It was so long ago that I cannot remember what year we had that meal. Here we are, just beside a table that brings memories in as my Beef Lasagna and my brother’s Chicken Pesto spaghetti were placed on our table. It will always be lovely to share a meal with my brother especially in a place where we have already been before. Years ago, it was just an ordinary meal except that we were together , our whole family, and it was always beautiful being like that. Now, having that table just a few eye movements away gave that certain memory more feelings to it. 

Our parents were at home that night. I wished they were with us as I finished my meal.

Our parents were at home that night. I wished that things will be like when we were at that table on the left again.

I finished my Apple Cranberry juice and we walked towards reality: that things are difficult and it’s been more than a decade.

That restaurant will surely call us again. There will be four people next. 

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