She didn’t need to be pretty to be loved

She never caught anybody’s attention. She was always that girl who sat in her own little world while another girl embraced every attention given her. She, while guys were busy checking out that pretty girl, never ever cared to check if her hair looked lovely or her lips were glossy. She never cared if her shoes didn’t catch glances from other girls or if her bag wasn’t so colorful to be noticeable in the crowd. Nobody asked for her number; nobody asked for her name.

It’s because she didn’t have to do those; she didn’t have to be that kind of woman. She is a queen in her own royalty. She is a gem that never requires refinement because she is already one. She is a diva in her own style of command. She is a star in her own kind of earth. She is a goddess in her own empire. She is one pretty lady without needing to be pretty because she is more than ALL THAT.

It is a thing to be pretty. It is a blessing; one that requires much decency, wisdom and humbleness. To be pretty is to be more than those proportions and that chiseled face. To be pretty is to be more than measurements and attention. To be pretty is to overcome barriers made by numbers and expectations. To be pretty is to be charming without charm at all. To be pretty is commanding eyes to look without anything flashy. To be pretty is to garner respect with spontaneity. To be pretty is to be beautiful without much effort. To be pretty is to be a lady in this world that can never be replaced or forgotten after a glance on another.

She was always quietly sketching on her notebook and she didn’t need any attention. And then, without knowing, a pair of eyes was watching her, learning her beauty, liking her uniqueness, and loving her as she is. As she was fixing her plaid bag, there was a prince watching her and wishing for the clock to strike twelve. As she was walking away from the crowded room, he was slowly waiting for the clock…to chase her, to know her name, to see her face, and to leave the crowd with just her.

And just like that, she is loved.

* Personal Note:

This sounds like some whimsical wish of a longing girl. Heehee! This is inspired by one of my friends. A real close friend of mine. Her name, I no longer have to tell. I hope she knows she’s PRETTY LIKE THAT.


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