Go Get Cancelled!

To all the duties I have to face today,

the meals I have to eat,

the tasks to be dusted on the desk,

all the worries that never seem to fade,



A woman needs to refresh her face,

A man, his pocket and guilt,

A child, his toys and foolish dreams.

Such things ought cleansing and probably killing and resurrecting.

So to this day, I say: GO GET CANCELLED!


There are songs to be repeated

but today, it’s the quiet I want to hear.

Off the seashore, out of the streets,

heavens away from the cities,

yes, many heavens away from the cities!


Wasting away,

holding onto the little things that fool me to think I’ve been okay,

GO GET CANCELLED!”, that I always hear these days.

And yet, a day like this,

and all the days yet to come and go,

well, they never get cancelled.


People do,

and people love to do it to themselves.

Fear a little convenience

It will slow you down,

tempt you to feel that everything’s fine,

make you nod your head to the calmness that will eventually drown you into the driest oceans,

freeze you, your thoughts, your goals, all those energy within you,

until it’s too late,

because by then,

it will be VERY HARD to start over again.

And dear,

starting all over again,